The Shipping Container

Academic Project

This project investigates and analyses the possibility of turning the Cardiff boneyard into a fashion show venue. I opted to pursue this project as I am attracted to this career and subject that is fashion. It is close to my heart and modelling as well as participating in fashion shows is something that I used to do when I was younger.

I strongly feel that there is a lack-of professional and academic facilities/locations to exhibit fashion in Cardiff and used this project as an opportunity to demonstrate and convey that the containers, land formation and overall boneyard can be used, designed, and transitioned into a fashion show venue where both professionals and students have access to learn about as well as produce and promote fashion shows by using the best practices available, hands-on training and thinking sustainably.

Personally, I have been In multiple fashion shows, both informally and formally, I still have a large collection of pictures of the venues that I have been in and understand the functions as well as features of these venues which led me to investigate the feasibility of designing the boneyard to be a fashion show venue through my learnings of interior and architectural design; combining both fields that I am highly intrigued in aims of putting together a great design. Not only is the combination of these two sectors (fashion and interior design) something that excites me, but it is also something that proved to be a challenge to design in this age due to the excessive requirement of physical activities and close proximity of other people and models which could, for the foreseeable future, go against the COVID-19 rules regarding safety and gatherings. I have attempted to address the guidelines set by introducing health and safety safeguards in certain facilities such as the lavatory and reception. Not to mention, the audience that such lavish events would attract also require extensive security measures.

All in all, the venues accessibility, function(s), features and potential issues have all drawn out the best of my artistic ability as well as the necessity for critical thinking and the project is definitely something to continuously work on, improve, re-iterate over both terms.